Super Signers

Introducing Baby Signing Time!

Help your baby communicate before they can speak!

Our signing time educator has over 5 years experience working with Rachel Coleman's Signing Time program. 


For infants of all hearing levels


When can I start signing with my baby?

  • You can start signing to your baby as soon as he/she is born

  • As you begin learning sign, use those signs when you talk to your new baby.

  • Baby won’t be able to sign back at this time, but he is watching and learning!

  • Before your baby signs to you, she will let you know that she understands a sign by responding with a smile, pointing, or kicking her feet.

  • While most babies begin to sign between 9-13 months, some babies start signing as early as 5-6 months! It is never too early to start.

  • It’s never too late to start signing! If your baby is 6-12 months or older, start signing right away!


Why teach your baby sign language?

  • Reduces frustration and tantrums

  • Increases bonding and connection

  • Opens a window to your child’s heart and mind

  • Teaches a second language (American Sign Language)


From Rachel Coleman, creator of Signing Time

"Signing Time is the only early learning system to combine the power of music and sign language to create exceptional learning experiences for children from birth through elementary school. Research shows that signing in the classroom can build vocabulary and enhance social interaction for students of all abilities."


Abbey Colucci, MLIS, MedIT

About the instructor

Abbey is a librarian at a K-8 school, instructional designer, educator, webmaster, and overall jack-of-all trades. She started to sign when her daughter was born and used Rachel Coleman's Signing Time. Having enormous success, Abbey became a huge advocate for  baby sign language.

When my daughter signed "milk" at 3.5 months, I knew this was a game-changer and had to spread the knowledge to more parents.

- Abbey Colucci