Marvel Mentors

Great heroes need great mentors.

Along with our classes, we offer and online mentorship with highly-skilled and experienced Marvel Mentors to meet any hurdles you face, including . . .

  • Writing & Editing

  • Reading & Literacy

  • Numeracy

  • Writing Skills

  • Mathematics

  • Calculus

  • Advanced Functions

  • Data Management

  • Computer Science

  • English

  • Science

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Social Science

  • History

  • French

  • Hebrew

  • Jewish Studies

  • Thesis & Dissertation Review

  • Learning Differences

  • Study Strategies

  • Organizational Skills

  • Time Management

  • Research Support

Customizable Services

as unique as you are.

All of are Marvel Mentors provide a fully customizable approach to education that meets the needs of our learners. We believe in individualized learning support, not theories!

Your goals are our goals.

We support learners of all stages in life whether they need help educationally or vocationally. Everyone could use a Marvel Mentor in their life!


Why are we mentors and not tutors? Well, we don't believe in old fashioned "we-teach-you-learn approach" to traditional tutoring. We believe in guiding learners by sharing our expertise, providing counsel so learners can figure out problems themselves, and offering constructive feedback and advice. Basically, we believe in being your coach and cheerleader . . . a Marvel Mentor for any subject.

Bring out your inner hero.

No matter how much you struggle, every learner can be a hero. Let our Marvel Mentors help you find your inner hero.

About our Marvel Mentors

Our Marvel Mentors are highly vetted, ECE, OCT, graduate or undergraduate students or professionals. To ensure the safety of your family, we conduct in-person or video conference interviews with each tutor, contact all references, and secure police background checks.


Occasionally, we welcome exemplar high school students for more specialized subjects, such as French and Hebrew. High school students must be able to demonstrate an advanced level of proficiency in the language or subject and have a teacher of the language validate their skills.